Greetings, We would like to take the time to thank all of our friends and churches for your faithful prayers and support throughout the past year. 2015 was a very exciting year to see the blessings of God come into the ministry for the work in Mexico and Central America. Because of your prayers and generous gifts we have seen the people in the churches, colonials, and mountains blessed by the love of God as we brought them hope during hard times. Through these difficult situations, prayer warriors and the churches are stronger. There have been more reports of salvation and people finding hope in the Lord Jesus Christ. The biggest blessing is to see the children laughing and enjoying gifts sent by God through your blessings. We gave food, blankets, diapers, clothing, toys and lots of candy. Their hearts were touched and they were brought closer to the Lord.

Matthew 25:35 For I was hungry and you gave Me food; I was thirsty and you gave Me drink, I was a stranger and you took Me in…

This scripture represents what a missionary is all about, being Christ like to the world. That is what our son, whom we lost this past September, would always say, “Be Christ like, reach out, and help the needy.” Our loss is heavens gain.

We closed the year 2015 with a praise report of 1,199 souls added to the kingdom. Only heaven knows and rejoices when one comes to salvation.

Pat and I are planning to go to Belize in July. We are going to be with Brother Victor who has been part of this ministry for over thirty years. He is part of the film ministry throughout Belize and Guatemala. Several churches have been established and many salvations. Throughout the last few years, Victor has been working in the mountains and establishing churches there. Several guerrilla soldiers have accepted Jesus Christ through the film ministry and now attend these churches. Some of the ex-guerrilla soldiers are pastoring.

When we go to Belize, we will bring supplies that consist of a laptop computer, a big screen projector, and many Christian DVD movies, and more needed supplies. Brother Victor’s truck is broken and beyond repair, he has to catch rides or borrow a vehicle to travel into the areas he ministers. We are looking to purchase a vehicle in Belize, but if we can’t find something there we will have Victor come to the border and get one.

While in Belize, we are going to have a leadership meeting for pastors. We will also be speaking at several churches and open crusades. We want to be a blessing, spiritually, physically, and financially to Bro. Victor and all the pastors he has raised up. We ask for your prayers and your support, which will be greatly appreciated for this up coming crusade in Belize in the month of July 2016.

I will be having surgery in June before I leave for this crusade. Pat and I are preparing to leave for Mexico in a few weeks. We have several outreaches planned. We will be preaching and giving out food and supplies. We thank you for your faithful prayers and support throughout our thirty-five years of full time ministry.

Yours truly, Your Missionaries,

Doc and Pat Louviere Go Ye!!!